Monday, January 23, 2012

The Main Functions Of Water In The Body

You always hear that you need to stay moisturized to keep your individual body healthier. That statement is absolutely 100% true. In fact, consuming enough water and maintaining your individual body moisturized has tremendous results.

First, let's take a look at how much the system is created up of water. Depending on the bodily proportions, a system can be anywhere from 55% to 78% created up of water. The mind includes 90% water. Your muscle tissue involve 75% water. Your bones involve 22% water (yes bones), and your blood includes 83% water.

Bottom line is every cell in your individual demands water from head to toe, which is why it's so essential to drink plenty of it. Let's take your mind for example, which is created up of 90% water. If your individual body isn't moisturized and your mind doesn't get enough water, your mind will not function well, you will not be as sharp or responsive, and you may even get a migraine or frustration. If you feel a frustration coming on or maybe fatigue, it may be as simple as you needing more water in your system.

Besides maintaining your individual body moisturized, water has a lot of other positive functionality for your individual body as well. For instance, water allows transport nutritional value and oxygen into your cells. Water allows moisturize the air in your lungs. Water is the main agent to flushing out toxins and waste by-products in your digestive tract. Water also regulates your temperature (which allows with exercise). Water actually increases your metabolism but more importantly water defends your vital organs and allows your organs absorb nutritional value more efficiently. Water makes up a majority of your muscle tissue, so it defends and moisturizes your joints and muscle tissue as well.

As you can see, something as simple as water has a tremendous impact on making and maintaining our individual body healthier. That's why it's essential to put down the sodas or juices that don't help our individual body and switch to only water. Plus, water doesn't have any calories and it quenches our thirst. It's worth noting that the system is perfectly designed to eat well and balanced and healthy and balanced. It's us (humans) that screw up the balance by putting stuff in our bodies that whack it out of balance. Start by switching to only water to get your individual body back to the way it is designed to work.

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